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Social networks and Social Media communication

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter have become key communication tools for companies and brands to connect with their audiences.

In Orbyce Communication, we craft a narrative and create messages, stablish the timing and adapt the content to the different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest) and Social Media channels, so that clients can interact with their stakeholders.

In the world of online marketing, the terms Social Media and Social Networks are often mixed up. It is important to clear up that when we talk of Social Media, we are referring to the English word used to refer to social media networks: a system of online communication platforms where users create content with the help of 2.0 web technologies (social networks, blogs, forums, bookmarks, geolocation, etc.). 

For social media users, it is easy to edit, publish and exchange information; that is why, they are more and more active on these platforms. This public interaction, together with the influence that may be exerted on audiences, is the essence of social media. Likewise, Social Networks turn into Social Media and are part of them when, in communication platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, millions of users from all over the world get connected and interact.

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