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Corporate Communications Consultants 

Founded in 1994, Orbyce Communication is an independent and transparent corporate communication consultancy based in Barcelona.


We are specialists in strategic corporative communication, content creation and narrative craft, product and digital marketing, brand positioning and revitalization, public relations, protocol, event and digital event management, media relations and media management, public affairs, crisis communication response and prevention, building trust, endorsed marketing (communities, influencers, and journalists), brand building and spokesperson training. 

Thanks to our commitment, we have been able to innovate, think ahead and keep our capacity for analysis for more than 25 years. We work with our clients to provide custom-made solutions in an efficient, loyal, and discreet way.

Sílvia Rubió, CEO 

About Us


Orbyce Data

Founded in 1994.


More than 100 clients credit us. We have presented and positioned more than 40 brands with outstanding ROI improvements. More than 60 businesspeople and leaders trained in personal branding and dealing with the media. 


Thousands of satisfied attendees. Official protocol. Personalized expertise in event production and management. We are guarantee of success.


We have worked in more than 20 RSC projects. We advise our clients on how to strengthen the values and integrity of their organizations. We are very proud of the established synergies. 


We work alongside with journalists and micro-influencers of different sectors and audiences to generate solid endorsement and positioning. 


Authorship. We have written more than 4,000 press releases and sent them to the media in more than 20 countries. A huge amount of customized content created for our clients’ Social Media. 


We have worked for more than 25 years with our corporative clients. Positioning, innovation, and solid reputation. 

We keep on growing and improving. We think ahead to develop safe and successful strategies for our clients. 


Worldwide. Orbyce Communication network. We work with independent partners to offer a global and coherent service adapted to local idiosyncrasies.

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