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Event management and protocol

Our events are part of the communication strategy, and not just a celebration. Their aim is to arouse emotions and create memories on the attendees that will last forever. In Orbyce Communication, we plan and manage not only corporate and social events, but also digital ones, in accordance with a specific set of objectives. We have got more than 25 years’ experience in the production of big social and online events with tangible results. We are experts on protocol, and we use our contact lists and networking to obtain the highest repercussion of each action. We take care of everything, from the production of the event to the control of the logistics in order to guarantee the expected results.


What is the difference between managing an event professionally, from just holding it? When an event is professionally managed, every aspect related to it is controlled and optimized, and its outcome is accurately measured. When organizing an event, the following aspects must be taken into account: the planning, the security, the communication strategy, the schedule, the management and the outcome metrics and the indicators of success.


If the event is so important that gathers distinguished guests, due to their background or social status, rules of protocol must be applied when assigning places. This must be done in accordance with the idiosyncrasy of the regional area where the event takes place. The official rules of protocol alongside with the advice of the host of the event are the guidelines to be followed when assigning places. Sometimes these guidelines are confusing; for example, when the place assigned to a guest according to their professional status does correspond with the one that should be assigned because of their personal status. In those cases, the advice of an expert in protocol is crucial.

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