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Brand and product marketing

In Orbyce Communication, we work to make your product or brand newsworthy and we connect them with their consumers through offline and online communication channels.

We understand consumers’ needs, motivations, and behaviours. We perform market trend analysis for each specific industry and foresee dominant patterns of the market and consumers in the short term and we adapt the brand strategy accordingly. We keep up to date.

We nurture the relationship between the brands and their public. We promote the sense of community communicating through general communication channels or direct communication, and also through branding and product marketing. Your product will stand out and be remembered. We have launched some high-prestige products and reposition others into relevant social groups. 

Brand and product marketing is the strategic process to create consumer demand and the need of a product or brand, new or established, among consumers. This process requires market researching; the releasing, positioning, promotion and selling of the product. 

Product communication is key to support the marketing strategy. Product communication is the process of differentiating the characteristics and values of a brand or product from other brands or products. The benefits and unique characteristics of a product are conveyed when creating content. Product communication is comprehensively implemented using media and social networks, corporate events and product presentations, or with the support of brand advocates and influencers, among others. 

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