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Endorsed Marketing

The Endorsed Marketing is based on the trust generated in the public by the positive product recommendations made by the people, not necessarily affiliated with a company. We are creative and we link your brand to opinion leaders who are important to your publics. We work with celebrities, journalist, microinfluencers, youtubers and experts.

In Orbyce communication, we identify, manage, negotiate and connect brands with whom may be credible for their audiences. We assure the honesty and sincerity in the partnership, and long-term results.

As part of the communication strategy, we can create a bond between your brand or product and new publics, who identify with celebrities they admire. Besides, we generate long lasting bonds of commitment. We measure ROI and adapt each interaction to the achieved objectives. 

Endorsed Marketing or Influencer Marketing is a strategy of partnership between organisations and experts or influencers in a specific area, in which both parts obtain a benefit from the partnership. Endorsers contribute with their own personal experience, credibility, reliability, and independent criteria when talking about the benefits of the product. The result of this partnership creates organic content about the brand or product, providing it with veracity and visibility. This strategy is mainly used in product releases. 

There are two types of endorsers. Important influencers who generate visibility and microinfluencers who are more considered and have a tighter bond with consumers. 

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