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Personal Branding

In Orbyce communication, we work with our clients to help them create and boost their personal branding, emphasising the value of their organization in a safe, trustworthy, and sincere way. We manage their presence in social networks and Social Media channels and teach them how to engage with audiences and the media. 

We have a customized public speaking training program to help spokespeople to speak in public and deal with journalists from online and offline media, taught by renowned professionals currently working in this field. The training consists in identifying the skills which each spokesperson needs to improve and, with our help, transform them into positive advantages. 

Personal branding is the whole representation, conscious and unconscious, of somebody and their verbal and non-verbal communication. This remains after each personal interaction; strengthening or weakening the image the receiver already has of somebody. The personal brand is not only public, it includes three planes: the professional, the personal and the purpose. The brand is what makes us different, and we are remembered for. To make a personal brand consistent and effective, it must be coherent in the three planes. There is only one way of achieving it in a VUCA environment like ours: being authentic in each communicative action. That is why, when we communicate, our attitude is crucial, and this must be: honest, clear and natural. #commtitude

In Orbyce communication, we have experience in managing the personal branding of our clients. We give advice, create, and manage Social Media profiles. With the practical course we offer, we use our own methodological approach to teach spokespeople how to communicate and deal with the media. We monitor Social Media and Deep Web. Our clients can learn effective communication skills with our course: How to speak in public and with the image consulting service, we can prevent and manage communication crisis produced, intentionally or unintentionally, by our clients.

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