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Innovation and Blockchain

In Orbyce Communication, we bet on innovation, being ahead of time, trend hunting, developing creativity, generating synergies, and addressing the right questions in each situation. We have worked with clients who have used Blockchain technology and robotics for a long time, and who believe in innovation to build a trustworthy and more efficient context. Orbyce Communication has done its best to help disseminate new technologies and their applications. If you work in an innovative sector, we are the perfect partner to manage your business communication. 

To innovate, one must have an open attitude to listen and the intention to progress. So, it is important to ask yourself the key questions: what for? How? What do we already have? What do we have to do to obtain what we are lacking? The process of innovation requires space for discussion and cooperation to enable the members of the multidisciplinary teams to freely express their opinions in an unprejudiced context. Companies, quite often, focus their attention on what they are lacking instead of what they need to do to achieve it. In Orbyce Communication, we apply our own Brainstorming methodology and use our database created by specialized co-workers, to offer the innovation guidelines allied to the development areas of a company. 

Innovation requires trust. The Blockchain technology is regarded as reliable by organisations, as it is resistant to modification of the data. Blockchain is a database organized in blocks of encrypted and multi distributed data. It is difficult that any given block could be altered, so companies can manage their agreements and processes through Smart Contacts. We help our clients to find out the processes which could be developed applying the Blockchain technology and we guarantee its implementation. Sometimes, this action must include the creation of a Token, a unit of blockchain value, to better interact or exchange information with target audiences. 

In Orbyce Communication, we offer an updated vision to our clients, so they can make better choices. We have experience in sectors such as: Robotics, Fintech, Edtech, Blockchain. We can help our clients to apply changes, communicate them to their audiences, in order to be competitive distinctive and to achieve their goals more efficiently and with a lower cost. 

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