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Press and Media management

In Orbyce Communication, we help you to explain your actions and news and make them much more newsworthy. We elaborate a plan to deal with any type of press and media: print and digital media, radio, television. We do press releases, deal with the media, interviews, one to one meetings, PR, experiential marketing actions, corporate visits, subject research, clipping … We make your information newsworthy and time relevant. We build reliable bonds based on integrity and 24/7 honest assistance. We measure outcomes and rigorously analyse data.

Managing and dealing with the press and media is key in PR. Nowadays, the media not only inform, but they also endorse, shaping the public’s opinion on any subject. The media are the perfect showcase for companies and organizations to release news and turn them into breaking news, benefiting from the endorsement of a journalist and the media. In the communication consultancy, we work with integrity, transparency, and honesty to strengthen the bonds with the media.

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