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Digital content creation and crafting narrative

In Orbyce communication, we craft a narrative and create digital content for your brand, but we do not tell stories. We write a honest and coherent narrative to enhance your strong points, what makes you different. We do not believe in the storytelling. We believe in you, in your professional background. We adapt the register of the texts to the different channels and the code to the target audience. Each audience requires to be addressed in specific way, and the same content cannot be published everywhere. We must communicate in the most receptive way. #commtitude

With our crafted content, you will change your discourse. We create digital content and craft narrative for different channels: voice content -podcast- for Ivoox, audiovisual - video clips and photos- for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, narrative for blogs, Linkedln, newsletters etc…

When we speak about content creation and crafting a narrative, we are referring not only to the content, but also to the format: text, images, video, and audio clips. These formats convey information about a company or brand, written in accordance with the predefined objectives of the communication strategy.

We are exposed to an overwhelming avalanche of information, contained in new and different formats. In our communication, it is essential to clearly release the agreed message, link it to emotions and make it catchy. This message must be coherent and written in accordance with the standard codes used by the users of each of the channels. 

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