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Crisis communication response and prevention

We have experience in the management of crisis communication. We work together with our clients to determine and prevent risk. Living in an extremely fast moving and transparent environment, any confusing information, real or fake, can trigger, in a short period of time, a communication crisis, affecting the reputation of the client. If you rely on our methodology, experience and 24/7 control management, we will manage an effective communication response. If you want to get ahead, try our crisis communication audit. #commtitude

The crisis communication is the way companies and brands effectively communicate during crises. It is included in the crisis management actions, and its objective is to avoid or minimize the impact of the possible consequences and damage that a crisis may trigger in the reputation of a company or brand. To have an effective crisis communication, this must be thoroughly planned and included in the general risk prevention strategy of the company.

We are currently living in an extremely fast moving and changing world, where truth and realness are undervalued. In this context, a communication crisis may be spread exponentially. In Orbyce communication, we work with our clients in the development of a plan to prevent and analyse crisis, reduce risk and calmly and confidently face it since its start. 

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